If you don’t put your two cents in, how can you expect to get any change?

I find the phrase “that’s just my two cents” funny.  Throwing it in at the end of a comment is literally a cheap way to blunt the edge of our opinions.  False humility aside, it carries some weight.  Opinions are a dime a dozen, and the shallow mass-manufactured opinions we unconsciously hold come at a bargain-bottom discount.  No thinking required.

I’ve decided to enrich you with something I hope has a little more value.  Welcome to Two Cents Richer, a forum for home-brewed craft perspectives on our culture, lifestyle, and politics.  This is a place for original opinions made from the raw ingredients of life experience – with a dash of humility and humor to taste.  Hopefully, what you find here will probe the depths of your hearts and minds, poking a little fun at all you hold dear and challenging your most cherished assumptions.

So come join the conversation I’ve started.  It won’t cost you a penny, and hopefully it will leave you two cents richer.

About the Author

Scott Daniel (B.A., University of Nevada, J.D., American University) is a licensed attorney and freelance writer.  In addition to hosting Two Cents Richer, Scott is a copy and content writer for Demand Studios and eCopywriters, and a contributor to the tongue-in-cheek opinion blog, Less This. More That. under the pseudonym, “The Existential Esquire”.

Scott has written on a variety of cultural, legal, and political topics.  His previous blog, the d.c. diaries, chronicled his life as a law student and lawyer in our nation’s capital.

Scott currently resides outside Philadelphia in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Only truth is spoken here.

Copyright 2010, Scott Daniel.  All rights reserved.

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