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Everyone Was “Fair Game”: A Cinematic Revisitation of the Hazards of the Bush Era

Director Doug Liman’s depiction of the Valerie Plame scandal serves as a timely and poignant reminder of the real legacy of the Bush Administration.

by Scott Daniel // November 16, 2010

Earlier this year, a group of anonymous business owners erected a billboard along Interstate 35 in rural Eastern Minnesota. The sign depicted a photograph of a gleeful George W. Bush in a light charcoal suit, grinning and waving to the camera. To the left of the photograph, a set of unmistakably bright gold block letters shouted, “MISS ME YET?” The subtext was transparent. America is stagnating. The Obama experiment is a failure. Dubya wasn’t so bad, after all.

Into this atmosphere re-enters Bush from stage right, with a new set of memoirs and a whistle-stop tour on the interview circuit to make his messy bedroom cleaner by comparison. In Decision Points, Bush attempts to provide moments of clarity designed to engender understanding of, if not sympathy for, his corroded legacy. Thankfully, W’s whirlwind of revisionism coincided with the release of Fair Game, a damningly accurate portrayal of how the Bush White House intentionally sabotaged the life and career of former CIA classified agent Valerie Plame Wilson.

I would give you a spoiler alert, but those don’t apply to true stories in the public domain.



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