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Annie and Troy’s High School Reunion

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This summer, I attended my ten-year reunion with a strange self-conscious mixture of bravado and trepidation. Funny that it took a goofy slapstick NBC sitcom to drop the high school baggage I didn’t even realize I carried.

by Scott Daniel // December 7, 2010

Popular jock or invisible geek? Green jacket, gold jacket, who gives a sh...This is a legacy post from my previous blog, the d.c. diaries. I re-post it here on Two Cents Richer after purchasing the first season of Community on DVD. That show just flat out gets me.

As I ambled through the skywalk at John Ascuaga’s Nugget in my hometown of Sparks, Nevada, my mind wandered to television. My brain does this frequently, considering how often I have turned to the boob tube for comfort in my recessed state. This time, I reflected on two of my closest fictional friends, friends I made in a haphazardly constructed Spanish study group that meets every Thursday evening: Annie Edison and Troy Barnes…


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The opportunity to make a difference in the life of a stranger is rare. Here is the story of the humbling experience when my partner and I somehow won the asylum case of a desperate woman in need.

by Scott Daniel / / October 29, 2010

One year ago today, my former law school clinic partner Priscilla and I argued an asylum case on behalf of a young woman whose previous life was scarred by brutal acts of genocide. We won. So today is that young woman’s 1st birthday. I found it fitting to re-publish my account of this emotionally draining experience from my last blog, the d.c. diaries. The events described herein concern a real life legal and personal drama. Therefore, out of respect for my former client’s privacy, I opted to give her a pseudonym and re-cast some of the details of her life. To my knowledge, many of her friends and family still live under the threat of ethnic and political violence in her home country today. I assure you, however, that the essential facts of what transpired last fall are preserved.

This was and will always be the greatest triumph of my life…

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It Came Out Vanilla


by Scott Daniel // October 11, 2010

The Rolling Stones absolutely had it right.  You can’t always get what you want.  Example: in 1993, I wrote a personal 80-year timeline for a school project, then sealed the timeline in a shoe-box time capsule.  If I recall correctly, in this alternate timeline, I am an all-star third baseman for the three-time World Champion California Angels and live in a sprawling Laguna Beach mansion with my wife, Kelly Kapowski.  In the universe we know, I am writing this post in the closet of my best friend’s New York apartment while he and his girlfriend watch downloaded episodes of The A Team.  I’m also technically bald and live with my mother.  But I do have a bobble-head doll of Troy Percival holding a 2002 World Series trophy.  So, mission accomplished.

And it’s not merely in the big things that we fail to get what we truly want.  You may wander in a residual drunken stupor into a New York McDonald’s in the hopes of acquiring a strawberry milkshake.  Deal with it.  You’re getting vanilla.

Vanilla’s not that bad. What’s wrong with vanilla?

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