Some Two Cents readers have wondered about the emboldened, italicized headings just below the title of each post. An explanation is in order. Each post on Two Cents is assigned to a category – like a denomination of currency – based on subject matter. Think of these as sections of a newspaper, though far more inventive.

You can filter the types of posts you want to browse using the Post Denominations widget on the right menu bar.


  • In the Imagined CommunityTwo Cents tackles cultural issues that impact of fabric of society itself; how we relate to one another, how we think and act, how we live. The phrase “imagined community” was coined by Cornell University Professor Benedict Anderson, who used it to describe societies tied together not by kinship, but by the simple idea of togetherness.
  • The Newsdesk is at the front lines of the great media battles of the 21st century. The ideas we hold are not so much developed as shaped, and Two Cents seeks to keep a close eye on those that do the shaping.
  • The Penny Arcade is a venue for viewing the world of entertainment: movies, television, music and games. Don’t expect canned reviews here; you can read Entertainment Weekly for that. At Two Cents, we want to know what our diversions say about our culture and the way we think and live. The term “penny arcade” is borrowed from the old pinball and peep show venues of the early 20th century.
  • Visit the Political Capital for the latest updates and opinions about all issues impacting our turbulent democracy. The Political Capital is the ultimate legacy of Two Cents‘ predecessor, the d.c. diaries.
  • The Reflecting Pool on the National Mall in Washington is a place of solemn remembrance and introspection. Ditto here. The Reflecting Pool is where Two Cents tosses its deepest thoughts.
  • The Sporting Green, named after the sports section of the San Francisco Chronicle, is where Two Cents tees off on the wide world of sports.
  • Wellville Sanitarium is where Two Cents discusses trends in our mental, physical and spiritual health. The name “Wellville Sanitarium” is derived from the 1994 quasi-satirical film The Road to Wellville, in which a group of Victorian-era socialites descend upon the au courant Battle Creek Sanitarium to heal what ails them.

Copyright 2010, Scott Daniel. All rights reserved.


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