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Annie and Troy’s High School Reunion

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This summer, I attended my ten-year reunion with a strange self-conscious mixture of bravado and trepidation. Funny that it took a goofy slapstick NBC sitcom to drop the high school baggage I didn’t even realize I carried.

by Scott Daniel // December 7, 2010

Popular jock or invisible geek? Green jacket, gold jacket, who gives a sh...This is a legacy post from my previous blog, the d.c. diaries. I re-post it here on Two Cents Richer after purchasing the first season of Community on DVD. That show just flat out gets me.

As I ambled through the skywalk at John Ascuaga’s Nugget in my hometown of Sparks, Nevada, my mind wandered to television. My brain does this frequently, considering how often I have turned to the boob tube for comfort in my recessed state. This time, I reflected on two of my closest fictional friends, friends I made in a haphazardly constructed Spanish study group that meets every Thursday evening: Annie Edison and Troy Barnes…


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